How Does Hot Weather Affect Your Garage Door?

 How Does Hot Weather Affect Your Garage Door?
With temperatures hitting some dangerously hot numbers this weekend, we understand that the last thing you’re thinking about is “will the temperature affect my garage door?”.  Truth be told though, you should!  Extreme heat and humidity can seriously harm your garage door and prevent it from working properly and may need you to call Mike Cropp’s Door Service in order to get your garage door repaired or replaced in Rockford, IL (and surrounding areas).

First things first, do not tighten ANY of the parts on your garage door.  Extreme heat will cause the parts to expand; which will lead to shifting, moving, or loosening of certain items on your garage door.  Check your owner’s manual to see if it includes any information that you “need to know” about the garage door in different types of weather.  In the manual, there may be a section on what to do when your garage door is exposed to extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures and what to do to prevent anything from going wrong that will cause you to need garage door repair or replacement in Rockford, IL.

No manual?  No problem!  Here’s a tip from Mike Cropp’s Door Service to you; keep your garage door lubricated (and we mean all year long).  Since summer tends to get hot and humid, find a lubrication that can withstand heat so that the different parts on your garage door don’t create even more friction than they already are.  Again, do not tighten anything.

Is your garage door making odd movements or weird sounds as it opens and closes?  There’s a chance that parts of the garage door have changed in size (as the temperature rises) and will throw off balance of the door, which can be very dangerous.  This will call for a professional, call Mike Cropp’s Door Service and have us come out to take a look and see if you’re in need of garage door repair or even garage door replacement in Rockford, IL.

Is your garage door made of wood?  If your answer is yes, then your door will need more attention!  Your garage door is more susceptible to rotting and cracking from the moisture in the air soaking into the wood and will cause much more than a headache if not maintained properly.  Make sure to take the time to give your garage door a long lasting, weather resistant finish in order to help protect it from any damage from the sun.  Don’t forget to do both the inside and outside of the garage door, since the humidity will affect the inside of your garage.

To sum it up:
  • Don’t tighten anything that becomes lose
  • Lubricate your garage door
  • Listen for weird noises
  • Look for odd movements
  • Wood Door: Prep your with wood resistant
Call Mike Cropp’s Door Service if something does go wrong and you’re in need of garage door repair in Rockford, IL or if you’re thinking about replacing your garage door all together.
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